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Secure, Fast and Simple Credit Card Processing

CRM Charge allows users to process credit cards and enter electronic transactions directly from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales modules and have those payments verified in real-time without leaving the CRM environment. Processing payments and transactions through its web-based design is fast, secure, and reliable.



Efficient E-Payment Processing for Enhanced Customer Service

With CRM Charge, you will shorten the order processing cycle and increase responsiveness to customer demands by extending access of the payment function to key personnel. CRM Charge equips sales and customer service personnel with the ability to pre-authorize and charge electronic payments directly from within Microsoft CRM. Faster approval times and automatic data transfer enhance your CRM capabilities and ensure payment, order, and customer information is accurate and up-to-date.

With detailed and complete customer information available to all departments, you can immediately retrieve and utilize customer insights from detailed order and payment information. Supply all members of your organization with the information necessary to deliver consistent customer service and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Flexibility and Security with Seamless Integration

Nodus CRM Charge comes with the advanced security features split key control management and audit trail for meeting PCI compliance requirements.

Start verifying credit card information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM today. Tight integration with multiple payment gateways, processors, and back office environments delivers flexible, reliable credit card processing from your first transaction on!

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